.... Carol - Nik Habermel....


With ice cream melting through her stubby fingers
On the coat from Sally Ann she wears with pride
Tells me, an utter stranger, in the station
Of her loves and how God works in her insides.

Watched by two high school drop-out sweet shop servers,
Young girls uniformed and aproned wiht sour sneers
For Carol has no need of fickle fashion.
Perfume presentments do not hide their fears.

For homeless Carol's been there, seen it, done it.
Gathers blankets, food , drugs for her drunkedn care:
Old Sid, who mouths the words without their menaing
WHile Reg, whome she really loves, is seldom there.

Station Mall is such a place to feel lonely
Amid missioned crowds all on their way somewhere.
To be touched by such a sweet and trusting stranger,
I love you, Carol, because you are you rare.

Nik Habermel, May 1994