.... Fusion - Nik Habermel....


There comes a point where we remove some skin
And fuse into a greater state of life
Which then must grow, must climb towards the light,
Must fight with fury vying for its right
Which comes just from its stamina, its strength:
So let us fuse our passions on the edge.

And there's a place where nakedness survives,
Where naked souls reveal parts each to each
Which thus cry out, so vulnerable, entreat
Our empathy to conquer learned defeat,
To beat old rules imposed with costume clothes:
So let us fuse our souls where no-one goes.

There's opportunity that courage feels
To reach outside our shells, beyond to fear
That curls like tears about our curving cheeks,
To wipe away that sweat with worn-out sleeves
Then coil those tired threads so arms may link
And let us fuse a future on the brink.

Nik Habermel, March 1996