.... Knights In Shining Armour - Nik Habermel....

Knights in Shining Armour

I say the riders also stopped by you,
Those I have fed and boarded, laced with wine.
They offered you their magic.
But your eyes
Were never shining -- tragic but still true.

I say the riders paused because of youth:
You, in your garden, music at your door
Unlaced now tarnished armour, made it yours
And sent them off much lighter for this truth.

"We ride to war!" they cried with beating hooves.
Disrobed of steel, revealed such tender hearts,
Such youthful valour. Victory departs
Despite great battle battering these truths.

Be tender with the wounded at the end.
There's even tenderness in being friends.

Nik Habermel, October 1997