.... Wish Me Dead - Nik Habermel....

Wish Me Dead

How do you wipe the sunglare off your windshield,
The morning glory of a world just new awake,
To mutter and wish for bright burning noon instead
And, at the house with morning children, overtake?

A dispensation must be there to excuse you
From signs and laws you help to plan and pay to place
That every driver chooses to ignore instead.
A steel forest that refleccts our brutal race
At work, at sweet home, do we wish each other dead?

Our old world turns the same each weary working day
Yet every single heart passes me with a curse.
What eil have we planted in our lives, unfed
That the first casualty of driving is the truth
And that your nourishment is that you wish me dead?

At the office, sweating, smiling like miners do,
We dig up cybertruth, trust our colleagues claims
Yet enemies in mental who strive each for bread
Would burn integrity, provoking blisters of blame.
Would you be there sooner if I was really dead?

And, neighbour of mine, who deirdes using a bus
Disappeared ahead, erection hard on the gas,
Would not forgive the callouses on my heart, sad
As, at his wreck, I don't slow but keep going past
For I wished him reasonable, but not stopped dead.

It says "MAXIMUM" because limits do exist,
Idiots like me choose stubbornly to obey
Because speed is something happening in our heads.
Will you help make our world less crazier today,
By, in the sunrise dew, not wish each other dead?

Nik Habermel, May 1994.